Organisational Resilience Consulting

We help organisations build organisational resilience by aligning their systems, structures and management practices, to ensure consistency across their people management, culture development and system design.  Resilient organisations need to get three fundamentals right.

  1. effective management of everyday ‘business as usual’ operations – to address known threats and minimise ‘surprises’
  2. arrangements to enable a quick response to unexpected ‘surprises’ when they do occur – to maintain or recover core operations
  3. horizon scanning to notice approaching changes or ‘disrupters’ – to enable a suitable response.

We help organisations build resilience across each of these three areas – through process improvement, risk management, crisis response and business continuity planning, horizon scanning, and organisational resilience exercising and testing.

We work collaboratively. You and your people know your business better than anyone else – key business functions, risks, improvement opportunities. Yes, we are ‘organisational resilience’ specialists, but you are ‘your business’ specialists, and we ‘engage deeply’ with clients to develop solutions that work for them.

Graham Miller is an organisational development specialist; he has a Masters in Organisational Development, and expertise in organisational resilience. He works with organisations to build resilience through developing a better understanding their BAU processes, managing risk, developing crisis and critical incident response processes, and developing robust business recovery plans.  He is experienced in undertaking high profile organisational performance reviews; he has designed and implemented risk management and business continuity frameworks; and he has designed and delivered exercises to test organisational resilience capability. Clients say that “Graham demystifies complexity and makes resilience-building ‘real’ and straight forward”. Graham is an advocate of ‘best fit’ rather than ‘best practice’ because organisational resilience is built around organisational context.