Humanism Climate

The Humanism Climate Check provides organisational leaders with an independent, warts and all assessment of the climate of their organisation in terms of its ‘humanism’ level.  We don’t use climate surveys; we talk to humans. We talk to them confidentially, sometimes on their own and sometimes in small groups, to find out  what’s working, what’s not, what’s helping, what’s hindering, what needs to change, what needs to stay the same – to identify your organisation’s level of humanism.

Yes, you or someone from your people team could ask your humans those same questions, but (1) your internal perceptions will influence what you hear, and (2) natural human defence systems will kick in and despite your promises of confidentiality, reticence will prevail.

These types of conversations are best had with interested, impartial, external professionals (like us) who then develop a comprehensive report on the level of humanism of your organisation.

This provides you with a reference point; a picture of ‘the now’ in terms of your organisational climate based on how your people really feel. This can then inform your decisions for the future.

“The greatest competitive advantage is to allow your employees to be part of something. Something bigger than what you’re doing.”
Blake Mycoskle, Founder TOMS


Humans Being At Work can be the interested friend who provides an informed, external perspective to help leaders work through the issues and discuss the available options. Consulting advice can cover a myriad of issues, but essentially, engages leaders in a discussion about issues and options to help determine what is the best way forward and how best should this be implemented. This advice is based on our experience and our perspectives. We adopt a ‘best fit’ rather than ‘best practice’ approach, because every great plan has to be implemented, and this requires a recognition of what’s right for now. We specialise in the authentic engagement of people.

“No corporation can thrive in the absence of creativity, innovation and learning and the greatest threat to all three of these is disengagement. To reignite creativity, innovation and learning leaders must rehumanise work.”
Brene Brown, author Daring Greatly


Humans Being At Work provides executive coaching for both individuals (executives, managers, team leaders, key individuals) and teams.  Our approach to coaching is holistic and ‘inside out’ focusing on both the doing and the being self. The being self is about who you are as a human, rather than what you do. We work with the inner human personality, attitudes, core values and beliefs. The doing self is the externally focused human with tasks to accomplish and skills to develop. In the world of work the doing self is always dominant, so it’s not unusual for humans to become so engrained in their career and their role that they lose connection to who they are as a person.  Coaching can help regain balance.

“In a world of relentlessly rising demand and complexity, the great unsolved puzzle of modern workplace is how to tap into more of people’s potential so they can perform sustainably at their best.”
Tony Schwartz, The Energy Project


Groups working effectively together can be awesome. Groups have collective wisdom that even the most gifted individuals can’t match. But effective group discussions need structure and guidance. Humans Being At Work facilitators are trained and are all members of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF). Group facilitation can apply to all sorts of endeavours including ‘issues’ facilitation, strategic visioning, business planning, project planning, innovation sessions, process improvement, team building, and community or stakeholder engagement. Facilitation is an art. The best facilitators make it look easy. They are the architect (to help design the sessions), pilot (to give direction to the session and to make sure the group stays on track) and coach (to help with equitable participation).