Leader Development

We help leaders bring their humanity to work, so they can be positive and encouraging role models, mentors and coaches. We deliver leader development programs to enable organisations to develop authentic, compassionate, courageous and humble leaders. Humans Being At Work co-founder, Jennifer West, is an accredited  ‘Heartstyles’ Associate and practitioner. She is passionate about the Heartstyles ‘Leading with Heart’ programs which have been implemented in organisations around the world to develop authentic and compassionate leaders who transform, develop and encourage others, and who consciously relate with those around them. Leaders who do this can make a profound difference in their own and others’ lives.

“The greatest competitive advantage is to allow your employees to be part of something. Something bigger than what you’re doing.”
Blake Mycoskle, Founder TOMS

Human Factors Consulting

We design and deliver programs addressing ‘human factors’. Human factors thinking has been pioneered by the aviation industry over the past 40 years to improve safety and efficiency. Human factors acknowledges that humans are fallible and errors are inevitable, but this can be managed though systemizing work and optimising the use of all available resources.  The success of human factors programs in aviation has seen their adoption in other areas including the maritime industry, emergency services organisations, and even hospital operating theatres.

Humans Being At Work co-founder, Graham Miller, has combined his aviation background and management consulting experience to develop a unique approach to applying ‘human factors’ thinking to any organisation. His recently published book ‘The Human Factor; Using aviation principles to boost organisational performance, reduce error, and get the best from your people’ outlines how ‘human factors’ principles can be applied to any organisation to improve performance, increase staff engagement, and boost organisational resilience.

Fundamentally, these are simple and common-sense concepts, but they challenge traditional mindsets – so their application requires thoughtful consideration.

We work with organisations wanting to implement human factors thinking. Making the best use of all available organisational resources means engaging with your people and tapping into the collective wisdom that resides within. The potential rewards from this are massive – for organisations (reduced waste and rework, improved operations and an improved bottom line) and for the humans working in them (improved job satisfaction and engagement).

“No corporation can thrive in the absence of creativity, innovation and learning and the greatest threat to all three of these is disengagement. To reignite creativity, innovation and learning leaders must rehumanise work.”
Brene Brown, author Daring Greatly


Humans Being At Work co-founder, Jennifer West, provides executive coaching for individuals (executives, managers, team leaders, high potential key individuals) and teams – both face-to-face and virtually.

Jennifer’s approach to coaching is holistic. She uses a ‘strengths-based’ approach to coaching (based on decades of scientific research showing that personal growth fuels professional development) to focus on both the ‘doing’ and the ‘being’ self. She knows that in the world of work the ‘doing’ self is always dominant, so it’s not unusual for people to become so engrained in their career and their role that they lose connection to who they are as a unique individual.

Jennifer uses a range of strategies to help individuals and executive teams explore core values, behaviours, attitudes and beliefs. She helps humans unearth their ‘being’ self to regain balance and confidence in their abilities, and to better manage stress so they can exponentially achieve their goals. She specialises in mindfulness coaching, and in ‘heart-based leadership’ development, helping people be their authentic selves, and empowering people to bring their humanity to work, so they can create organisations that are good for people and good for business.

“In a world of relentlessly rising demand and complexity, the great unsolved puzzle of modern workplace is how to tap into more of people’s potential so they can perform sustainably at their best.”
Tony Schwartz, The Energy Project


We facilitate groups to help them optimise their time and maximise their impact. Humans Being At Work co-founders are both trained and experienced facilitators. They manage the ‘group process’ so that those in the group can fully engage in the content discussion. To facilitate means ‘to make easier’, and we facilitate groups in many settings: strategic visioning sessions, team building workshops, discussion exercises testing business continuity plans, risk assessment workshops, business or project planning sessions, process improvement projects, stakeholder engagement activities, and more.

Our focus is on helping groups harness the collective wisdom in the room (or virtual room). We design interactive and creative approaches to help groups engage effectively. We ask searching questions; ensure all views are heard; confirm and clarify meaning; and help confirm key issues and shared agreements. We also document session outcomes in comprehensive reports.