Aren’t human beings amazing! Throughout history, humans have endured and overcome adversity, adapted to change, and developed ingenious solutions to difficult problems.

Humans seem to have an innate sense of endurance, and for some organisations, that’s just as well!  Even in dysfunctional organisations, people still seem to get the job done. Despite the bickering and internal rivalry, the siloed thinking, the aggravation and general unhappiness, somehow things still get done.

Not well, not pleasantly, not efficiently, but they get done. Humans working in these organisations leave their homes, put on their armour, take a deep breath, and walk in the front door of their workplaces ready to do battle. And somehow the organisation survives – for now…


Humans Being At Work help organisations create workplaces where human beings can flourish – to release the power of human potential that resides within.

We’re a boutique consulting firm helping to change the world of work. We’re based in Brisbane, Australia and our focus is on rehumanising workplaces through authentic engagement.

We know that the ‘soft stuff’ is hard. We work with humans who lead other humans, to create organisations that are good for people and good for business. Places where people are authentically engaged, where they can be themselves; where they can bring their heart, soul and creative spirit to the job.

  • Working with Jennifer was a rewarding and inspirational process. When my partner was given a life changing opportunity to work overseas I needed help as our plans to move went ahead full throttle. Jen lead me to draw on my existing capabilities and knowledge, guiding me through exercises and strategies that I will continue to use into the future. Through her guidance I learned I already had what I needed within me, and she helped me work through my fears and anxieties about quitting my job of 11 years and moving away from my comfort zone to the opposite side of the world. The outcome? My partner and I are in the final stages of moving our lives, my career and life goals and core beliefs are clearer to me than ever and I look forward to finding new work and fulfillment in a new country.

    Dominique van Hoof
  • "I have had the pleasure of receiving coaching and mentoring from Jen within a personal and professional capacity. I am a strong advocate for her unique and insightful approach and highly recommend her services to anybody who wishes to receive a professional, well-balanced, intuitive and empowering coaching program. After trying various coaches and coaching methods, Jen's approach is by far my favourite and honestly one by which I have received the most benefit."

    Neralee Flanagan
    Neralee Flanaganmanager
  • "You will not find a more dedicated, genuine and 'real coach' then Jennifer West. Jen has made an enormous difference in me achieving my business goals and dreams, and in a very short time! What I love about Jen is she is kind, compassionate, has a wicked sense of humour, and doesn't let you get away with anything!  She makes you accountable, is the eternal solid rock of support and encouragement, and has a way of framing things which, at times challenges and confronts you, but is exactly what is needed."

    Carmen Low
    Carmen Lowbusiness owner and entrepreneur
  • "With little experience in starting a non-profit organisation, Jen helped us set up the foundation aspects and treat it as if it were a fully functioning, successful operation. Often times we had so many different ideas and directions we wanted to take and Jen was like a sounding board, she encouraged us to pursue what we really wanted and was also there to guide is into the right areas."

    Jake Harris and Harriet Goodman
    Jake Harris and Harriet GoodmanCo-Founders not-for-profit organisation

Graham Miller and Jennifer West launched Humans Being At Work in 2015 after a culmination of life experiences working in large organisations, owning businesses and working as management consultants.

Their backgrounds led them to believe that organisations can sometimes go a bit crazy, that life at work doesn’t have to be stressful, and that authentically engaging people (staff) is where it’s at. And so Humans Being At Work was born.


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