Who We Are

Jennifer West and Graham Miller are partners in business and in life. One of the biggest challenges they faced when they first got together many years ago was blending a family of five very different children (ranging in age from 8 to18), as well as a ‘standoffish’ cat and an anxious dog. (It sounds a bit ‘Brady Bunch’ but it was far from it!). They achieved this by facilitating  regular family meetings complete with flip chart paper on the wall, seeking input from all ‘stakeholders’ on agenda items, engaging all ‘stakeholders’ in discussions, listening compassionately to diverse views, working through issues, reaching agreements, and having difficult conversations. At times the process of blending the family was a messy business (much like managing change in organisations) but it taught them a lot about what humans (in this case young humans) needed to feel safe and respected.  It was this lived experience that truly awakened them to the power of transformational change and to gain a real appreciation that there is nothing ‘soft’ about good people skills.  Without knowing it at the time, this experience informed the principles and concepts that underpin Humans Being At Work. Their five children are now adults, most with children of their own.

Along their journey, Jennifer and Graham also bought and, together with their great team, ran a small business; and Graham started and ran his other management consultancy, Slingshot Consulting. Before that, they had both worked in and led teams in large organisations where they experienced the good and the bad of organisations, first hand.

Jennifer and Graham founded Humans Being At Work in 2015 with the intention of helping people to bring their humanity to work. They knew from first-hand experience that the ‘doing’ stuff in organisations is important, but if this is the only focus, the result can be increased dysfunction rather than increased productivity. And they knew that it didn’t have to be that way. They had both worked for great bosses who got the best from their people by treating them with respect and taking a genuine interest in others. These bosses ‘met people where they were at’, knowing that everyone has their own strengths and preferences, and their own unique talents to offer.

Jennifer and Graham knew that in organisations (1) relationships matter, (2) the ‘soft stuff’ is actually the ‘hard stuff’, and (3) dealing effectively with the ‘soft stuff’ (the people stuff) enables the ‘doing’ to happen more easily and effectively.

Jennifer West

Jennifer has over nine years coaching and consulting experience. She helps leaders and leadership teams bring their humanity to work, and in so doing, helps organisations thrive and the people within them flourish.

She is an internationally accredited executive coach, facilitator and trainer with a fascination for how people and organisations ‘tick’.  She is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF), and works face to face (in person) and virtually with clients across the world. Jennifer is also a member of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF), and is an Accredited Associate with the global company Heartstyles to deliver the Leading with Heart leadership program.

Jennifer has an eclectic career background with experience in public and private sector roles in sales, marketing, personal services, adult education, change management and community engagement.  She has post graduate qualifications in communication, adult learning, mindfulness coaching, and kinesiology (a natural therapy which helps people to balance stress and manage change).  She is also a trained ‘end of life’ doula providing support and comfort to people preparing to die.

In her spare time, Jennifer spends time with the family, composting and growing food in the garden, and together with her trained therapy dog, Pepper, (an RSPCA rescue poodle) volunteering at a local aged care facility.

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Graham Miller

Graham is an experienced management consultant and seasoned group facilitator. He is a Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) under the International Association of Facilitators (IAF). He has a Grad Dip in Human resources, and a Masters in Human Resources and Organisational Development.

As a former Naval aviator, Graham developed an early understanding of people, leadership and teamwork. He has always been fascinated in how organisations work, and believes in the collective wisdom of groups.  In 2020 Graham published his book ‘The Human Factor’, combining his aviation background with his consulting experiences to explore the lessons learned in the aviation industry over the past 40 years. This book outlines how ‘human factors’ thinking can be adapted and adopted in other industries and organisations to optimise performance, get the best from people, and build organisational resilience.

Graham is an organisational resilience and business continuity management specialist, and is highly experienced in designing and delivering scenario-based discussion exercises to test disaster management, crisis response and business continuity plans.

In his spare time, Graham spends time with the ever-growing family and occasionally takes his motorbike for a ride in the mountains of Southeast Queensland. He also volunteers with a local organisation helping people who feel socially isolated.


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The Humans Being At Work office is in Brisbane, Australia. We consult with clients face to face anywhere in the world (COVID-permitting) and virtually. Jennifer coaches clients online from all corners of the globe.