Who We Are

Jennifer West

Jennifer is an executive and organisation coach, facilitator and kinesiologist with a background in teaching, marketing & communication, community engagement and change management.

As an executive coach Jennifer helps people implement change in their lives (work and home lives are all ‘lives’) by challenging them to think differently.

She is a passionate advocate of heart based leadership and has experienced firsthand the benefits it brings.  Jennifer is an Accredited Associate with the global company Heartstyles  and is accredited to deliver the Heartstyles Leading with Heart leadership program.Heartstyles Associate Logo White Beside

Jennifer has tertiary qualifications in communications, and in adult learning. She meditates regularly and listens to Triple J.

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Graham Miller

Graham is an experienced management and organisational development consultant, and internationally Certified Professional Facilitator under the International Association of Facilitators (IAF).

As a former naval aviator, Graham developed an early understanding of people, leadership and teamwork. He believes in the collective wisdom of groups, and has a passion for organisational development.

He has implemented self-managed work teams and is the inspiration behind the ‘human factors’ program.

Graham has tertiary qualifications in human resource management and organisational development. He is a meditator, and rides a Vespa.

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The Humans Being At Work office is in Brisbane, Australia, but we travel extensively in our quest to rehumanise workplaces.

Our research suggests that workplaces need rehumanising all around the planet. If you need us in Antarctica, we’ll be there.